⬇ Deposit 310,000 STMX tokens and get $50 worth of tokens as a bonus

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Between now and August 7th you can get an extra $50 in STMX tokens when you deposit at least 310,000 STMX tokens in your StormX wallet. On August 7th, we’ll check your account and if you still have at least 310,000 freshly deposited STMX tokens in your wallet, we’ll send you your bonus reward of $50 in STMX tokens).

Level Up!

Just hop into the app and either deposit 310,000 STMX or buy some more with one of our partners:

US Users

International Users


Deposit 310,000 STMX by August 7th. We will check everyone’s wallets on August 7th 11:59PM PST, if your newly deposited STMX tokens are still there after one week, we’ll deposit an additional $50 of STMX to your account. Boom!

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