0x API is now live on Polygon

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0x API is now available on Polygon


  • 0x API is live on Polygon, aggregating liquidity across all existing sources — including QuickSwap, SushiSwap, Curve, Dodo, mStable, Dfyn, Cometh and more.
  • We are proud to be launching support for 0x API on Polygon alongside our initial partners Matcha, DexGuru, DexKit, Dodo, MyCrypto.com, Set Protocol, Zapper and Zerion.
  • Check out our documentation and start building on Polygon with 0x API today!

The 0x API is designed to make it easy for DeFi developers to tap into DEX liquidity in a fast, reliable, and easy to use way so you can focus on what matters: your product. Since launch, 0x API has facilitated over 1.5M trades from nearly 300K unique traders that in total represent more than $27 billion in volume traded across Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

0x API powers the top DeFi teams on both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, and today we are incredibly excited to continue expanding the reach of our product by bringing the experience our integrators know and love to developers building on Polygon. With this, we want to help our integrators and the Polygon developer ecosystem onboard the next 1,000,000 users to crypto.

Why Polygon?

You asked, we delivered!

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