0x Community and Governance meeting recap — March 2021

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0x Community and Governance meeting recap — March 2021

Every month, the 0x Labs team hosts a live meeting that is open to anyone interested in learning more about the protocol and discussing community initiatives. You can view the upcoming meeting schedule on the Governance and Research forum and previous meeting recordings on YouTube. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and hit the 🔔 to get notified when new content is uploaded.

Below are summaries and linked timestamps for the topics covered in this month’s call:

Agenda (Slide 2): Theo Gonella, 0x Product Manager, kicked off the call with an overview of the topics that will be discussed.

Ecosystem snapshot (Slides 3–5): Statistics on network health from the past 30 days, sourced directly from 0x Tracker’s network insights tab, followed by an overview on recent ecosystem news, including new integrations with Dexguru, Parsec, and LinkSwap.

Also featured was the amazing blog post from Brent Oshiro, 0x Community and Ecosystem Lead, on Exploring the 0x Defi Ecosystem.

Roadmap (Slides 6–7): Quick summary of the current 0x development roadmap, focusing on what has changed since last month and what is queued up next, followed by a reminder to check out the forum and join the conversations on governance and protocol development.

ZEIP-83 recap (Slides 8–10): An overview of the expected impact from the latest upgrade, which focuses on gas efficiency and RFQ liquidity for better pricing, and batch fills to increase the likelihood that limit orders will fill, resulting in more protocol fees collected.

Fulvia Morales, 0x API Product Manager, provided information for developers on how the v4 and ZEIP-83 upgrades will impact integrated applications. Please watch this portion of the meeting to get information on endpoint changes and deprecation schedules.

Governance and the 0x DAO ...

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