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Earlier this month, we introduced the 0x community DAO, the next significant step on the journey 0x has been on in becoming a fully decentralized technology and network. We anticipated that there would be questions about the DAO and hosted an AMA last week on our Discord server. We were fortunate to have Theo Gonella (0x Labs Product Manager), as well as bootstrap delegate members, sha-2048 (BUILD and Metric), gabririgo (RigoBlock), and nikita (0x Community Ambassador) answering questions from the community.

0x DAO key points

  • Initially, the DAO will only control the community treasury and not upgrades to the core protocol.
  • The DAO will manage a community treasury of 2M ZRX via a new on-chain binding governance system that will work in conjunction with the existing ZRX staking system. The treasury’s purpose is not enforced, and ZRX holders will control what to do with treasury funds.
  • A group of bootstrap delegates from projects building on 0x and the community will help guide the DAO.
  • While anyone can share their ideas for DAO treasury use on the 0x forum, at launch, there will be a requirement of 100k ZRX to move a proposal to a public vote.
  • Anyone holding any amount of ZRX will be able to participate in public votes. Since voting will occur on-chain, it will cost approximately 80k gas to cast a vote.
  • For full details, check out the introduction blog post.

Q&A transcript

Q1: We asked the community bootstrap delegate members to briefly introduce themselves…

[gabririgo] hello everyone, my name is Gabriele Rigo. I started in crypto sometime in 2015, seems like eternity has past. I founded RigoBlock, a protocol for decentralized asset management which is live on Ethereum. I have been active on 0x since day 0, first integrating 0x to RigoBlock to the Ethfinex platform (now Deversifi), then running ...

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