0x Developer and Governance Update — November 2020

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0x Developer and Governance Update — November 2020

New technical developments from 0x Labs and the 0x ecosystem

Every month, the 0x Labs team hosts a live video call that is open to anyone interested in learning and discussing our current initiatives and technical roadmap. You can view previous calls on our YouTube channel and GitHub.
In addition to YouTube, we publish the recording here on our blog, along with the agenda, presentation slides, and relevant links to learn more.

Watch the November Developer and Governance Update recording below, follow along with the slides, and subscribe to the developer mailing list to get notified about upcoming calls and news.

Topics covered in this month’s call:

  • Roadmap [1:06] Regular snapshot of the current 0x development roadmap, including what has changed since last time. Share ideas or suggestions on what you think the 0x developer community should work on in the forum.
  • Road to 0x V4 [04:22]: The first half of the call was dedicated to the progress on v4, the new version of the 0x protocol. The specifications are available here, in a new dedicated domain. They can also be accessed through the forum post dedicated to feedback. During the call, we went through the major changes around the order formats, the functions available in the first release, and the most significant differences vs. V3. We also highlighted the easy upgradability of this new release. Once audited, deployed, and accepted by the community, it’ll be possible to add (or rollback) atomic features without introducing breaking changes to the entire ecosystem, therefore avoiding monolithic, yearly updates.
  • [Gitcoin bounty #01] ZRX wallet refactor update [21:15]: iamonuwa completed the very first 0x community Gitcoin bounty! After a quick intro, he walked us through the steps he’s taken to address the task, which ...

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