0x Developer and Governance Update — September 2020

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0x Developer and Governance Update — September 2020

New technical developments from 0x Labs and the 0x ecosystem

Every month, the 0x Labs team hosts a live video call that is open to anyone interested in learning and discussing our current initiatives and technical roadmap. You can view previous calls on our YouTube channel and Github.
In addition to YouTube, we publish the recording here on our blog, along with the agenda, presentation slides, and relevant links to learn more.

Watch the September Developer and Governance Update recording below, follow along with the slides, and subscribe to the developer mailing list to get notified about upcoming calls and news.

Topics covered in this month’s call:

  • Roadmap [1:51] A regular snapshot of the current 0x development roadmap, including changes since the last meeting.
  • 0x API new liquidity sources and data [2:51]: 0x Labs introduced 3 new liquidity sources to the smart order routing (SOR) in 0x API, taking the total number of sources to 12. We had a quick data deep dive on real-life trades 0x API, proving that the strategy of scanning multiple sources and splitting orders across them provides net value for the user.
  • Bunnyhop [06:44]: 0x Labs introduced a new way of splitting orders that creates 2-hop routes when finding optimal prices. This is especially beneficial for token pairs that do not have direct liquid markets. For example, suppose the market [A-B] isn’t liquid: Bunnyhop can find a competitive price by ‘merging’ two liquid markets [A-C] and [B-C]. We went through the results of the simulations to prove its effectiveness.
  • Mesh graphQL API playground [13:00]: The team published a Mesh graphQL playground for devs to get acquainted with the new interface. The playground is hooked into a live Mesh node. The upcoming Mesh v10 release will sport these graphQL APIs together with ...

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