0x Developer Update — August 2020

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0x Developer Update — August 2020

New technical developments from 0x Labs & the 0x ecosystem

Every month, the 0x Labs team hosts a live video call that is open to anyone interested in learning and discussing our current initiatives and technical roadmap. You can view previous calls on our YouTube channel and Github.

In addition to YouTube, we publish the recording here on our blog, along with the agenda, presentation slides, and relevant links to learn more.

Watch the August Developer Update recording below, follow along with the slides, and subscribe to the developer mailing list to get notified about upcoming calls and news.

Topics covered in this month’s call:

  • Roadmap 00:59: A review of the list of projects the team has prioritized since last month’s call.
  • 0x API v1/swap 02:44: We’ve updated 0x API with a few improvements including new liquidity sources (Balancer, RenBTC curves, and Bancor v2), Bunny Hop routing, and various transaction costs reductions.
  • Gas cost reductions 10:44: We are working to reduce gas costs by iterating on the FillQuoteTransformer to skip bridge contracts entirely to shave off chunks of gas.
  • Launch Kit and Instant deprecation 15:54: We plan to deprecate these 2 0x products. The tools will still be live and functional, but the 0x Labs team will not be adding new features and will cease technical support.
  • Augur v2 launch and 0x Mesh 17:05: Augur v2 launched recently with a 0x Mesh integration. This is the first time a project has utilized a browser-based deployment of Mesh.
  • Governance and staking stats 21:09: We recently released a comprehensive overview of the state of 0x governance and the ZEIP process. Read about all the developments.
  • ZRX Portal development (Gitcoin bounty) 30:07: We just opened a gitcoin bounty to revamp the web3 framework used in the ...

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