0x Ecosystem Update — October 2020

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0x Ecosystem Update — October 2020

This is a re-post of the October ecosystem update originally published at 0xtracker.com. If you’re building on 0x protocol and have a project or hiring update you’d like to share, contact 0x Tracker (Craig Bovis) at hello@0xtracker.com to be included in next month’s edition.

🎃 Welcome to the October 2020 ecosystem update from 0x Tracker! 👻 Each month we share highlights, trends, trading insights, and news from across the 0x ecosystem.

💡 Highlights

🌐 Network Insights

There were several new 0x API integrations this month, including MetaMask, Zapper, and DexKit Swap. Metamask, one of the largest Ethereum wallets with over a million users, has already sourced over $13 million in volume since early October. Zapper, a DeFi assets management platform, only recently integrated the API but has already seen $1.15 million in volume in just a few days.

It’s been interesting to compare the initial trade data on the new integrations. Compared to MetaMask, where we see a higher number of active users making smaller trades (~$2.5k per trade), Zapper’s users, while fewer, are making larger trades (~3.7k per trade). While DexKit Swap has a lower user count and average trade size (~$400 per trade), it serves as a useful demo for the core DexKit platform that offers a white-label solution for companies seeking to provide simple 0x-powered exchange functionality. The top traded tokens ...

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