0x Ecosystem Update #12

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Exploring the 0x DeFi ecosystem 🪐

Welcome to the 0x ecosystem update #12! 🐣🌱 Given the rapid pace at which 0x technology is evolving, the ecosystem’s explosive growth, and the multi-chain future, we’ll be moving from the previous monthly schedule to a more flexible bi-monthly one. This will give us more time between updates to properly capture all of the highlights, network insights, trading trends, and news from across the 0x ecosystem.

💡 Highlights

  • 0x protocol launches on Binance Smart Chain
  • 0x community-DAO is live
  • 0x live YouTube AMA with Co-founders/CEOs

🧩 New App Integrations

  • OneKey — A more reliable Cryptocurrency wallet
  • UniDex — The ultimate DeFi trading terminal by traders, for traders, and with traders
  • SudoSwap — A p2p asset swapping platform: swap any asset to any asset

🌊 New 0x API Liquidity Sources

  • Binance Smart Chain
    - BakerySwap
    - Belt
    - DODO
    - Ellipsis
    - Mooniswap
    - Nerve
    - PancakeSwap
    - Smoothy.finance
    - SushiSwap
  • Ethereum
    - Component
    - Kyber DMM
    - Maker PSM
    - Saddle
    - Smoothy
    - SushiSwap
    - BalancerV2
    - UniswapV3
    - xSigma

🗞 0x in the News

🌐 Network Insights

0x v4 RFQT system volume took off in the beginning of March after a number of market makers were onboarded. By the end of April, RFQT volume represented ~25% of all 0x API volume (prior to v4, RFQT volume represented only ~2.5%). This is a clear indicator that the RFQT system is becoming more competitive relative to pricing offered via open order book and bridged AMM liquidity sources.

In March, 0x API ...

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