0x Ecosystem Update, February 2021

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Welcome to the February 2021 ecosystem update 👋

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🌐 Network Insights

0x smashed through previous all-time-highs for daily volume, monthly volume, and collected protocol fees in February 🎉

February 23rd saw $455M daily trading volume and a whopping $6.6B was traded during the month of February. It’s mind-blowing to think that trading volume and protocol fees collected for Jan+Feb 2021 has already exceeded 2020’s total annual volume 🤯

At current ETH prices, generated protocol fees reached a record ~$763K in February 2021. Protocol fees are distributed as liquidity rewards to market makers and token holders who stake their ZRX through 0x.org.

January saw the release of 0x v4 and adoption has continued to increase throughout February. At the time of writing around 75% of trades are now being routed through v4. Rapid adoption was made possible due to the large number of integrators now building on top of 0x API.

Visit the Network Insights on 0x Tracker and Staking Dashboard on Dune Analytics to further explore the growth of 0x.

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