0x Labs Team Hackathon III

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A recap of 0x Labs’ internal hackathon — July 2020

Last month, we hosted our third internal hackathon! These events are not only a lot of fun, but they foster our innovative spirit and allow us to explore creative ideas that have the potential to grow the 0x ecosystem, as well as the overall crypto economy. In the last hackathon, projects ranged from a 0x Mesh visualizer, Stablecoin AMM, Gods Unchained market maker, and a 0x protocol v3 rap (event recap here). With the launch of our new DEX aggregator, we felt that it was only appropriate to make “Matcha 🍵” the event theme. In this post, we’ll review the hackathon structure, describe all of the submissions, and congratulate the winning projects!

Hackathon Details and Structure

Like our previous hackathons, the entire 0x Labs team was encouraged to participate. There were no specific guidelines or restrictions on what teams could build. Everyone had two days to explore concepts and develop their projects. The entire event took place online, which lent itself well to the fact that our team is now more geographically diverse than ever.

After all the projects were submitted, the 0x Labs team voted on winners in several categories:

  • Best Technical Achievement: Awarded to the most impressive technical project.
  • Best Non-technical Achievement: Awarded to the most impressive non-technical project.
  • Most Ready to Launch: Awarded to the project that could potentially be shipped tomorrow.
  • Most Liquid: Awarded to the project that has the highest potential to increase liquidity for 0x and the DEX space.
  • Most Interdisciplinary: Awarded to the project that had the most diversity in skill sets.
  • Most Likely to Drive 1,000 New Users: Awarded to the project that would most likely drive the next 1,000 users to Matcha.
  • Best Rap Video: Awarded to ...

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