0x Protocol is now live on Binance Smart Chain

The 0x ecosystem is expanding to multiple L1/L2 networks in 2021

Key Points:

  • 0x protocol v4 is now live on BSC. The 0x v4 smart contracts on BSC are identical to those on Ethereum, which have been audited and adopted by the 0x community.
  • 0x API now supports BSC and aggregates liquidity across PancakeSwap, SushiSwap, DODO, and more. We’re proud to be launching 0x API’s BSC support alongside our initial partners Zapper, dex.guru, Zerion, Dodo, DexKit, and Matcha.
  • Matcha has also added support for BSC, providing users with the ability to discover and access hundreds of new assets.
  • There is no new ZRX token on BSC. There has been no change in how the canonical ERC20 ZRX token functions on Ethereum. Be cautious, any contrary claims are scams!

0x protocol is expanding to multiple L1 and L2 networks in 2021

At 0x Labs we envision a world where all forms of value are tokenized on public blockhains and globally accessible through p2p markets. The crypto ecosystem is well on its way towards this vision, with over 300k tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, thousands of active markets, and a user base that is rapidly growing.

With Ethereum’s success, demand for block space has skyrocketed to the point that usage is consistently pushing up against the network’s throughput limits. As a result, Ethereum transactions have become expensive, pricing out potential users and use cases. This isn’t a new predicament, scaling limitations have always existed for blockchain networks, often sparking contentious debate within developer communities and driving major shifts within the industry. The bitcoin block size debate reached a head in 2013, causing Bitcoin to fork into two networks, and subsequent flare ups took place within the bitcoin community in 2015 and 2017 [1][2][3].

One thing that is different this time is ...

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