2019 Year in Review

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2019 was a great year for Quantstamp. We released a book on smart contract security, helped push forward the DeFi movement through some key audits, launched our Bounty Protocol, expanded our presence into new markets, and more.

Publishing Fundamentals of Smart Contract Security

It was a lot of work, but we were very proud to release Fundamentals of Smart Contract Security earlier this year. We’re so thankful for the Quantstamp community, investors, advisors, professors and friends who’ve supported our mission and made this possible.

As the seminal book on smart contract security, we were grateful to be able to share our team’s knowledge through this book and move closer to our vision: helping the first billion people use blockchain securely. If you haven’t already, be sure to purchase your copy on Amazon.

Notable Audits

Nuo Network

In April, Quantstamp audited Nuo Network, a debt marketplace that connects lenders and borrowers from around the world using smart contracts. This was one of our first DeFi audits, one of many to come.

Backed by ConsenSys Ventures, Nuo Network revolutionized decentralized lending by using lending pools. This approach makes things much easier for both borrowers and lenders, who no longer need to match loans with each other.


Later in the year, we audited PoolTogether, a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) project which leverages blockchain technology to facilitate better outcomes for people. PoolTogether is a no-loss-lottery. If you do not win the weekly lottery, you still keep the money you spent on the ticket.

The way this works is that the money spent on lotto tickets enters a pool that is lent out on Compound. When a winner is selected, the winner only receives the interest generated from Compound. If you lost this week’s lottery, your funds are automatically entered into next week’s lottery. Users can withdraw their funds at ...

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