2020, A Year of Many Achievements By Wanchain

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2020, A Year of Many Achievements For Wanchain

2020 was an extremely extraordinary year for every country, every company, and even every individual. As we roll on into the new year, it’s time to take a look back and reflect on what the Wanchain team and community have accomplished in the last twelve months.

January, 2020

The two year anniversary of Wanchain mainnet

January 18th, 2020, marks the two year anniversary of the Wanchain Mainnent!

EURS integrated on Wanchain’s mainnet

The Euro-backed stablecoin EURS issued by technology provider STASIS is bridged with separate blockchains via wanBridge mechanism.

Wanchain 4.0 launched

Wanchain 4.0 has landed! This new release allows for heterogeneous private and public blockchains to share data and assets through Wanchain’s new T-Bridge framework.


Insights Online Blockchain Summit

Wanchain and Finnexus co-organized Insights Online Blockchain Summit.

Mars Finance had an interview with Wanchain Founder Jack LU

Wanchain found Jack LU shared his opinion about 2020 Covid-19 Epidemic and its affect on the blockchain industry in China.


Integrated with EOS

EOS blockchain is the third heterogeneous blockchain that cross-chain integrated with Wanchain.

Integrated with USDT

Cross-chain USDT is live on the Wanchain mainnet and integrated into the official Wanchain Light Wallet.

WanTalk Episode 1

Wanchain team members chat about recent Wanchain updates and share some exciting new developments for the Wanchain ecosystem.


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