2020 Annual Report – That’s A Wrap on the Year Of Breakthrough

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2020 was the Year of Breakthrough. We revolutionized blockchain technology with our deliveries and we are keeping them rolling in 2021 – The year of BUIDL

During Q4, we went through our first halving and announced major partnerships with Celsius, Dragonchain, and Sikoba. We are ready to crush 2021 with our amazing community behind us. 

Q4 Highlights

The 4th quarter of 2020 was full of exciting firsts for the project including exciting build partnership announcements and our very first halving! 

Our very first halving occurred on December 1st at block #840000. This momentous occasion was celebrated by the community on a Zoom call with giveaways, airdrops, and interviews. 

We want to thank our fantastic community members for putting together a fantastic event to celebrate the halving. Michael and Spencer planned the super fun virtual party which included interviews from Charles Hoskinson, Tatiana Moroz, and more! We also want to thank Younzo, and Sodiomayor. You can watch all of the interviews from the event on the community-managed Horizen Clips YouTube channel

We also released announcements for our Zendoo partnerships. Projects including Celsius, Sikoba, Dragonchain, and LTO Network are actively building on Horizen and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome them to the ecosystem. 

2020 Review

Community Growth and Updates 

The community grew by 8.62% this quarter which makes a total growth of 105.18% in 2020! We are excited to welcome each of you and have enjoyed getting to know some of you on Discord and Telegram. We want to thank everyone who has helped the new members find resources, answered questions, and gave the new members to the community a warm welcome. 

Several of the community members including Michael from Telegram and Manon have taken on active ...

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