2020 Is Over and We’re Speeding Forward

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We wrapped up December with a couple of treats.

Happy new year, readers!🎉 It goes without saying that our hopes and plans for 2021 are quite simple: not living through another dumpster fire of a year.

But hey, at least the final stretch of 2020 had its bright sides! In December, nothing could dampen our festive mood — the office had a shiny tree, we got presents that may or may not have been gin-themed, and we threw our first remote Xmas party.

Ugly pyjamas and all, baby.

We were also shown some love from artists and media, who took an interest in our 2020 Beatport report.

UK is a hotspot for drum and bass according to new report

Check it out if you haven’t already. Our number-crunching has revealed some interesting insights into what the Beatport community loved in 2020, and that just might give you an advantage with your upcoming plans.

📥 Download the report here 📥

Our products and platform welcomed a couple of major updates, most notably upgrades to Beatport analytics and Genre and Country landing pages. Miha wrote all about it in his article:

Finishing December With Cool Updates to Remember

Vasja was mighty busy too, as he held both Viberate webinars and was a panelist at Midem’s online conference. The webinar he held with UMEK was attended by 300 people, making it one of our most attended “live” events of 2020. As for Midem impressions, well, read for yourselves:

Midem while snowing outside? Sure, why not.

Now that we’ve “slipped into something more comfortable”, a.k.a. a promising new year, we’re motoring on with new upgrades and ideas. Stay tuned for all the details right here.


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