2020 Report

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A look back at 2020

As the new year falls upon us, we wanted to take a moment to look back at the commitment, hard work and ingenuity of our team. Despite the challenges due to the pandemic, we continued to work through the mist to optimize the Genesis Vision platform.

As always, we strive to give our users the ultimate social trading experience — so let’s reflect back on what we achieved over 2020!

GV Funds Weekly Challenge

Since February of 2020, we introduced a Weekly Challenge for our Funds product. Every week a Fund Manager has the opportunity to show off their best skills. The best performing fund is awarded with 50 GVT. The rewarded GVT is converted to the assets of the fund according to the asset distribution and added to the fund balance. For the winning fund, both fund managers and investors benefited proportionally to their investment share.

Check out our leading Funds — here.

Updating Programs

We have implemented changes based on feedback from our community and users:

  • Entry Fee was replaced with Management Fee. After listening to the voice of our community, we wanted a more transparent and fairer fee structure for Programs. We have replaced our old Entry Fee system with the new Management Fee model, which will benefit both short and long term investment scenarios.
  • Auto Joining After Stop Out. The Stop Out functionality is aimed at protecting investors by limiting the maximum possible loss. If the program drawdown goes below the Stop Out level — the current period is forcibly closed, and all investments are returned to investors. Staying in the program even if the current period was to be closed by a Stop Out, is also an option.

You can trade cryptocurrencies, forex, metals, stocks, indices, commodities and attract investors — here.

Introducing Genesis Vision Social

At the end of last ...

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