2020: The Year of the Digital Asset

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Standing on the doorstep of a new year and a new decade, it is hard to believe that the first real public engagement with digital assets began only a few short years ago in 2017. Over that year and into the next, speculators and media coverage drove wild fluctuations in interest and price—contributing to a series of both spectacular rises and precipitous falls in each. 

But that digital asset roller coaster ride smoothed out over the course of 2019 as speculation subsided and specialized use cases began to emerge. That utility helped demonstrate value in digital assets beyond trading and contributed to increased stability. 

While skeptics and critics might still view digital assets as a giant game of Jenga, just waiting for a wrong move to send all the blocks tumbling down, we here at Ripple see the future of digital assets as more like a vast set of Legos. By carefully piecing them together, it’s possible to reimagine familiar worlds or create entirely new ones. 

Looking ahead, we believe 2020 will reveal new technologies and applications for digital assets that can lead to meaningful, tangible change across a wide range of industries. In particular, we expect three major themes to develop in this first year of the new decade that will lead to a more mainstream embrace of digital assets. 

Digital Assets Underpin Consumer Financial Products
XRP is a digital asset custom-designed to facilitate cross-border payments. A number of companies, including MoneyGram and goLance, and applications have endorsed this use case and we anticipate even more will join the adoption curve over the coming year. But our team expects other digital assets and use cases to find traction in the coming year and decade. 

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