2021 Roadmap: AdEx V, New Adtech Features and More

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We have planned a series of major improvements to the AdEx ecosystem in 2021. Check out what we have in store for you.

The past year has been amazing for AdEx and our community: we launched the Platform publicly, onboarded large advertisers and publishers, upgraded the ADX token to allow for incentivized staking — paving the way to a sustainable network security model, and expanded into the DeFi space!

Today we’re excited to share our vision for 2021!

The next frontier: AdEx V

The technology that powers AdEx, the AdEx Protocol, is getting an upgrade to version 5, or simply V for the roman numeral. The Protocol has gone through many iterations in the past, starting from an escrow for direct ad deals, to a payment channel system empowering programmatic per-impression payments.

AdEx V is a technical overhaul of the underlying OUTPACE payment channel system that’s currently under development, enabling the following new features:

  • Transaction cost reductions through gas cost optimizations and improvements to how campaign validator fees are calculated: making AdEx a lot more permissive to use even if the Ethereum network is congested;
  • Higher number of transactions per second (TPS): a single set of validators would be able to process over 20k TPS;
  • New staking pools with automatic ADX buybacks, automatic compounding, and built-in insurance.

This also paves the way to a long-requested feature: enabling the community to run public validators!

Public Validators

Right now, the AdEx Validator software is open-source and advertisers can run it to further secure their campaigns. But since most advertisers do not need that high level of assurance, they let AdEx automatically delegate other validators.

In 2021, we’ll ship infrastructure and tools to enable any third party with sufficient know-how to run their own validator and plug it into the AdEx registry, therefore helping process ...

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