A Dream of the Future: Ideation Begins!

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Today marks the final phase in the 2021 Skynet Hackathon: Dream.
Are you crypto-curious? A futurist nerd? A radical change-maker?
If so, this event is for you! The Dream phase is designed for anyone with a keen imagination and desire to re-envision a better, more equitable society.

The Ask: How will our world be transformed though decentralized systems and technologies?

Requirements: There are none! Let your imagination run free. Write a blog, tell a story, paint a portrait, or write a song. Maybe you want to re-envision some of your favorite apps—What will decentralized TikTok, decentralized Spotify, or decentralized Steam look like? Submissions can come from all industries.

Prizes: Up to $2000 in Siacoin as well as mugs, t-shirts, and even selfie drones! A participation prize will be awarded for all valid submissions ie: Please show us you’ve given your submission some thought and consideration :)


Today, most of our world is centralized. This means that one or a handful of actors make the decisions for everyone else. You might think of a monarch whose decisions are absolute and treated as law. While monarchies may have fallen out of style, the centralized power of monopolies have not. With Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Banks, and other monopolies in nearly every industry, we live in a world where individuals and communities are losing their power to self-determine their fates. How can we fight back against monopoly power and mass surveillance?

Decentralization challenges the idea that power should be centralized. Through decentralized tech like Skynet, we can now take back control of our data and privacy. The new MySky decentralized identity does just that—when you fully own your digital identity and data, you solely decide who gets to access, share, and profit from your information.

So, what would the world look like ...

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