A Look Back at 2019 — Loom Network is Live, Audited, Battle-Tested, and Pulling Way Ahead

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A Look Back at 2019 — Loom Network Is Live, Audited, Battle-Tested, and Pulling Way Ahead 🔥

Folks, it’s no secret — some pretty ugly dynamics have emerged throughout the crypto space. And I don’t mean family asking “Isn’t the Bitcoin for criminals?” over the holidays…

Too many projects raised too much money under suspect pretenses, then mostly squandered funds in efforts to pump or prop up their tokens.

There is an unrelenting circuit of global crypto conferences, sensational marketing campaigns, big partnership announcements that never came to be, and shifty market making to lift volumes to the high heavens and beyond.

All the while, many of them never got around to actually building or shipping anything 🙃

Somewhere along the way, the lines got blurred between delivering marketing hype and actually delivering real products. Let’s all take a moment and snap back to reality. Loom Network already has a REAL scalable and interoperable blockchain that’s live, audited, battle-tested, and as smooth as a fresh jar of Skippy®

Loom has continued to believe in the tech and the new possibilities it opens up… and we continue to do our part to push things forward.

Now more than ever, we believe the builders will win.

As 2020 gets under way, we thought it a good opportunity to take stock of things…

ICYMI, Basechain Did 16M+ Transactions and Has 68K Wallets!

From day 1, our goal has always been to help developers build and scale their blockchain applications. We maintain that, in earnest, and are still insanely focused on making it happen.

You probably won’t find us at the next flashy Blockchain Week, because we’ll likely be hustling to ship our next wave of production releases.

For us, it all started with CryptoZombies, which is still going strong and just about to pass 500,000 users! Then we built more dev tools like EthFiddle.com...

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