A New Business Team structure for iExec

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A New Business Team Structure for iExec

To reinforce iExec’s strategy for the coming months and years, the iExec board has started to implement a new organizational structure for the company. The goal is to address the market of blockchain-based projects looking for scalability and security solutions as well as addressing the market of non-blockchain enterprises looking for blockchain-based solutions. Each of these targets has its own specificities and requires dedicated strategies.

To address these two targets, iExec is building up two teams: iExec Adoption and iExec for Enterprise. The iExec Adoption team dedicates its strengths specifically to the adoption of iExec’s protocol and token (think individual blockchain developers or DeFi projects) while iExec for Enterprise will focus on the implementation of the iExec stack for enterprises.

After having shaped this corporate strategy, JC is moving on to his next challenges.

“It has been 3.5 years since my first day at iExec. I have seen the company growing, being more and more structured and delivering on the whitepaper. I have also witnessed the professionalization of the blockchain landscape. The time spent at iExec has been marked with a lot of very exciting projects, and I am honored to have contributed. I will now be heading to new challenges in China. This decision comes after deep reflection regarding personal ambition. I will continue to follow iExec’s development. I strongly believe the best of the company is still to come. The delivery of iExec’s plans for 2021 will propel the company to the next stages of adoption. I was there to build the spaceship, and am now confident to give my place to an exceptional pilot. Francis, welcome aboard!”  Jean-Charles Cabelguen

Welcome aboard, Francis!

Francis Otshudi joined iExec this week. He will lead iExec for Enterprise. Francis Otshudi holds a computer ...

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