A six-month review of Community Governance and PoD

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On March 30, the mainnet of Nebulas Voyager Proof of Devotion (PoD) went live and the decentralization of the Nebulas network began. Just six month later, the entire network and governance is fully decentralized.

Today, we would like to share some stats that have been achieved in just six months!

7 governance votes
38% of proposals approved
Governance participation rate is nearly 99%

Since the first PoD governance vote which was launched on April 29th, 2020, seven governance cycles have been voted on by the Governance Committee. A total of 149 proposals, 18 projects and 7 node claims have been reviewed.

On the proposal side, 57 of them were passed with an average approval rate of 38%.

With regard to the project and node claims, only one project did not pass the governance vote and all the node claims were approved.

For more details about projects and proposals, check out go.nebulas.io or view the previous PoD Governance cycles at https://node.nebulas.io/govern.

The Nebulas blockchain currently has 71 live nodes with all but the foundation’s node participating in governance.

The Nebulas Community has held a total of 12 node meetings in Chinese and English, with the participation from the node operators, Nebulas Technical Committee, community members, Nebulas Foundation and more.

For meeting recaps, visit the Nebulas forum at community.nebulas.io.

56% of all votes have been approved
Product development and community operation proposals share a 1:1 ratio

Stats of all 57 approved proposals:

  • 9 pertain to node governance and Nebulas economics,
  • 24 pertain to product improvements and new product development
  • 24 pertain to content creation and operational promotion.
  • ...

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