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This was originally posted on Echo’s blog. We’ve included another section specifically focused on the Po.et Foundation’s plans for upgrading to Echo.

Last week, Po.et announced that it would be migrating its media applications and future development work from Ethereum to the Echo network. We’re thrilled to welcome the Po.et team and community to Echo.

We think that in today’s digital age everyone is a content creator, whether on social media or professionally, and there’s never been a greater opportunity to empower those content creators through cryptocurrency payments, digital identities and blockchain-based content ownership, discovery and monetization.

We share Po.et’s vision of building tools that empower the individual creator and extending Bitcoin’s security model to create a better web built on top of trust, verifiability and accountability. The opportunity in front of Po.et is massive: to onboard millions of new users with publishing tools and applications that are impossible without an open, public trustless network.

We know that it’s critical in the early stages of any blockchain network to build an engaged community of users who can:

  • Provide feedback on the current Echo testnet
  • Test the mobile wallets, block explorers and infrastructure for the Echo network
  • Help us bootstrap the security of the Echo mainnet by running full nodes
  • Participate in the consensus mechanism as block producers and verifiers
  • Build decentralized applications or onboard existing DApps to Echo

Echo wants to attract a diverse, knowledgeable community that will make it the leading smart contract development platform. Instead of doing an ICO or IEO, we have chosen to build out multiple participation and incentivization programs that are meant to distribute tokens to communities, teams and individuals already involved in blockchain technologies. Po.et’s technology and community are a natural fit to bring on to Echo.

ECHO Token Basics

The Echo network has a core asset, ...

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