AdEx Black Friday Promo: Get 100% Cashback on Your Campaigns

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This November, double your advertising budget and make bank for Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Well, 2020 has been rather tough already. But Black Friday and Cyber Monday are still happening, or so we all hope. And to give advertisers something to look forward to, we are giving 100% cashback on qualifying campaigns throughout November.

Promotional mechanics

Participating in this promotion is very straightforward: all you need to do is register for the promotion and launch one or more advertising campaigns during the promotional period.

Here are the conditions of the promotion:

  • To sign up for the promotion, you need to fill this form, then run advertising campaigns on the AdEx platform.
  • Promotional period: 06.11.2020–30.11.2020
  • Cashback amount: 100% up to 300 DAI
  • Minimum campaign spend: 50 DAI (that’s approximately $50; it can be spread over multiple campaigns during the promotional period)
  • Maximum advertising bonus amount: 300 DAI for the entire promotional period
  • Minimum CPM: 0.5 DAI. This means that in order for a campaign to qualify for the cashback, you need to set your minimum CPM bid at 0.5 DAI or more.
  • The bonus money you will receive will be available for advertising on AdEx Network only — you will not be allowed to withdraw or transfer it.



I want to take advantage of the promo but I don’t have an AdEx account. What do I do?

You can sign up for our ad network here....

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