AdEx Goes to Mainnet with Chainlink Oracles Integration, Pioneers Elastic Issuance

We’re going live on mainnet with a staking pool that uses a Chainlink-powered ADX-USD price oracle

In August this year, we announced our upcoming integration with Chainlink for validator uptime verification and publisher staking. Both the AdEx and Chainlink teams are working on implementing these integrations, however, in the meantime we are going live on mainnet with an AdEx staking pool that uses a Chainlink-powered ADX-USD price oracle for a novel DeFi concept we call elastic issuance.

Introducing the AdEx Loyalty Pool and Governance

In the past few months, we have been working hard on the AdEx staking ecosystem and we’ve reached the stage when we are launching a loyalty staking pool and governance system.

This pool features no lockup period, predictable APY (10% — 50% depending on ADX price), tokenized staking through pool tokens, and it paves the way for community-driven AdEx governance!

Unlike the existing Validator Tom staking pool, the new loyalty pool has no lockup period and can be entered/exited at any time. The pool’s purpose is to incentivize holders to migrate their ADX and keep their ADX safe by holding their own keys, rather than keeping ADX on an exchange, and more importantly to participate in the governance of the AdEx Protocol and Network.

Elastic Issuance and Predictable APY

The loyalty pool annual percentage yield (APY) will range from 10% to 50% depending on the ADX price in steps.

This is achieved through elastic issuance, a DeFi concept that we pioneered in order to ensure that pool participants are incentivized to stay in while the price is high, but also to decrease excessive issuance if the price is low.

To get this price information on the LoyaltyPool smart contract, we are using and supporting the Chainlink ADX-USD Price Feed. We selected Chainlink because its price feeds are aggregated from numerous high-quality data ...

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