AdEx in Numbers: April 2021

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Traditionally, every month we share with you statistics and milestones from the AdEx Network “kitchen”. Here are the numbers for April.

The platform continues to grow sustainably — we reached 8,000 registered users. These are mostly corporate clients — publishers and advertisers — who are looking for a trackable, transparent ad network which lets them manage their budgets/revenue more efficiently and helps them avoid ad fraud.

The number of active advertisers and publishers was slightly lower than the previous month, however there were more campaigns launched on the platform so we saw an increase in the number of impressions served.

The AdEx Staking portal saw interesting movements. We saw a significant amount of ADX tokens move from Validator Tom bonds to the Loyalty Pool. The reason for this is most likely the fact that the Loyalty Pool offers a slightly lower APY, however it has no lock-up period which gives stakers a bit more flexibility.

As you may know, the Loyalty Pool is capped at 30,000,000 ADX and that cap is almost reached. Once the pool has 30 million tokens staked to it, it will no longer accept new stakers so the only way to acquire ADX-LOYALTY tokens would be on an exchange like Uniswap.

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