AdEx in Numbers: December 2020

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It is time for our December transparency report. Take a look at the notable statistics from the AdEx ecosystem

Last month, we began an initiative of publishing monthly transparency reports to highlight notable statistics from the AdEx ecosystem.

We are continuing with this and it’s time to share the numbers for December 2020.

The AdEx platform continued growing — we served close to 70 million unique impressions (up 57% from the previous month) — these equal 70,000,000 micropayments on Ethereum. The number of registered users also kept an uptrend and we are close to 6,000 registered publishers and advertisers.

Take a look at the platform growth statistics:

In December, we concluded AdEx farming; we ended up distributing approximately 5,000,000 ADX in faming rewards, and close to 200 people participated in it.

The Validator Tom rewards were restarted early, and at the end of the month the annual percentage yield (APY) was over 65%. With about 30 million ADX locked in that pool, and additional 22 million in the Loyalty Pool, stakers are making bank. Let’s take a look:

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