AdEx Wallet: Your Gateway to The Best Earning Opportunities

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It is with great excitement that we’re announcing the news that AdEx is expanding into a new direction and adding a new product to the AdEx Network portfolio.

Over the past months, we have been working on a crypto wallet focused on bringing DeFi exposure to the masses. We are delighted to introduce our brand new product: AdEx Wallet.

It is a tool designed to enable fast, easy and secure access to DeFi investments even to people who don’t have any previous experience with cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance.

The AdEx ad platform and staking portal remain a priority for us. This new direction is an expansion of our company — we grow together with the developments of blockchain technology and DeFi, and we broaden our portfolio. We will continue to maintain and develop all of our products to open new horizons for the AdEx community.

Over the years, we’ve perfected Ethereum-based technologies like our accounts system, which enables gasless transactions, automatic fee management, and transaction batching. In the process, we’ve also gathered significant know-how in the world of Ethereum, and over the past couple of years, we’ve also been internally experimenting with and learning DeFi protocols like Compound, Aave, Yearn, Balancer and Uniswap. All of this tech and experience puts us in a prime position to develop a UX-focused wallet for DeFi.

What is AdEx Wallet

AdEx Wallet will let you easily diversify crypto assets to achieve the maximum potential of your investments. It will let you plug in to different DeFi protocols and manage your open positions from a single place.

The idea for it was born when we looked at existing DeFi solutions, and at our needs. Every tool that’s available on the market is fairly complicated and requires a steep learning curve. But what if you are new to crypto and DeFi?

This is ...

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