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Translations of this article can be found here: is a web portal and wallet where you can interact with CENNZnet’s blockchain network. In this guide, we will look specifically at the tools within the Advanced section of the web portal. These tools are most useful for DApp developers building on CENNZnet.

We recommend before exploring this section, you familiarise yourself with the basics of, you can do this using the intro guide to here.

This article will guide you through the functions available in the Advanced section of the We will look at:

  • Development notes: explaining gas fees and connecting to the development node.
  • Chain state: reading data from the chain, including storage items, constants and raw storage.
  • Extrinsics: submitting transactions to modify data on the chain.
  • Sudo: submitting transactions that require super user access. (Available for development nodes only)
  • Settings: settings
  • Tool box: additional helper functionalities for developers
  • JavaScript: trying the CENNZnet JavaScript API with code examples.
  • Wiki: a link to CENNZnet’s technical docs hosted on Github.
  • ...

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