aelf Has Reached 35,000+ TPS

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Good news! We’ve just received an official performance certificate from China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) that our single chain has reached an astonishing 35310.53 TPS. The evaluation marks aelf’s ever-evolving blockchain technology amid the recent partnership with Chinese government over the infrastructure of local blockchain projects and beyond.

We welcome everyone to re-evaluate the test on themselves. Hopefully the following guidelines can be of any help. To review the code please visit GitHub.

Test environment


Script Preparation:

- Pull the aelf-automation-test code and switch to the branch performance-test on the test server

- The aelf-automation-test contains basic test scripts — BasicTransaction, batch transaction — RpcPerformance, mixed transaction — MixTransaction, query — AccountCheck, BlockCheck, and many more. Testers can complete related tests by executing different scripts


1. Conduct a load test of a single transfer of a basic account

2. Modify the configuration file — rpc-performance.json, adjust the number of concurrent groups through TransactionGroup, and start multiple test programs to initiate transactions.

3. After the completion of the script basic transaction (Deploy Contract, Issue Token), change the node configuration file — TransactionLimit:0, and send batch transactions to the node transaction pool

4. Stop the transaction script after the transaction to reach 3,000,000+ in the transaction pool, change the node configuration file — TransactionLimit: 150000, and the node starts to execute the transactions

5. Calculate the TPS after executing the transaction


Let us know if you have any questions about the test! We look forward to hearing from you. For business partnership please contact

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