aelf Mainnet Goes Live

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The biggest milestone yet

aelf mainnet has gone live on December 10th!

Starting today, all users will be able to download and access the latest version of aelf Enterprise 1.0.0. Alternatively, you can try the latest version through the aelf Explorer.

From the very beginning, aelf was designed to become a scalable and high-performance decentralized cloud computing platform. The long-term running of the Testnet, extensive testing coverage and Global Code Audit Program ensured the aelf mainnet launch and safe and stable running. At present, aelf has unlimited scalability, innovative cross-chain collaboration mechanism and elegant multi-level main-chain side-chain system, which can provide users with a high-performance, user-friendly and reliable large-scale commercial blockchain infrastructure.

Breakdown of aelf Mainnet Launch Roadmap

When the mainnet goes online, the aelf team will push the mainnet work in stages according to the latest mainnet roadmap. At the same time, aelf team will further improve the mainnet features and focus on building the DApp ecosystem.

Phase 1 is mainnet security monitoring. In this phase, the main-chain and side-chain of the aelf mainnet will be launched step by step. Therefore, the multi-chain structure of the mainnet will start running. The nodes are still run by the aelf Foundation to ensure the stability of the mainnet. Meanwhile, we will actively invite more exchanges to access the aelf mainnet to prepare for the mainnet token swap. Moreover, we will schedule a full function tryout for the community simultaneously to familiarize all community members and future nodes with the mainnet features.

Phase 2 is token swap. Users can start swapping their token on the mainnet. Then, we will inform major platforms and communities in advance of the specific time and instructions.

In Phase 3, we will start electing the nodes, and gradually ...

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