aelf mainnet tryout campaign coming to an end: the grand prize pool sharing starts today!

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In the past month, community users have been actively participating in the aelf mainnet in-depth full function tryout campaign, and the total locked value has continued to increase. At present, the aelf mainnet tryout campaign is coming to an end, and the “Grand Prize Pool Sharing” module will also be open.

What is “Grand Prize Pool Sharing”

The platform will pay dividends based on the number of LOT Tokens in the user’s account (mainnet ELF), which means that the more LOTs submitted by the user, the more rewards will be allocated. The reward amount in the prize pool is determined according to the final reward table below.

At 10:00 UTC today, after the prize pool is opened, users can check the total amount of this grand prize pool on the Lottery page of the aelf mainnet tryout campaign. After 48 hours (10:00 UTC on March 5), the prize will be drawn officially. The platform will distribute the ELF rewards of the ultimate prize pool in proportion to the number of LOTs submitted by users in these two days. When the prize is drawn, the page will display the reward that the user can finally share. After 04:00 UTC on March 6, users can manually claim the reward.

Check out aelf mainnet in-depth full function tryout campaign page:

For a typical user, the prize amount (ELF amount minted on aelf mainnet) he/she can get = number of LOTs submitted / number of LOTs submitted by all users * 100% * total counts of ELF(ERC-20) users had locked on Ethereum.

What can you do after the tryout campaign?

The tryout campaign period is from 04:00 on February 4th UTC to 10:00 on Match 3th UTC. After this period is over, the function of “Daily Task”, “Lottory Draw” and “Lucky Box” will be ...

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