aelf Wallet Public Testing is coming, with lots of rewards up for grabs!

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As an important tool for connecting the blockchain and part of the public chain ecosystem, wallet is an extremely important entrance. And the aelf Wallet is also an important component of the aelf ecosystem. The launch of the aelf mainnet yesterday means that aelf has entered the first phase: Mainnet Security Monitoring. At this stage, we will actively discuss with the exchanges about the mainnet access to prepare for token swap.

Before token swap, We hope that everyone can fully understand the functions and feel the charm of the mainnet wallet. Therefore, we have launched a Public Testing event in the mobile app of aelf wallet, and invite users around the world to try out the core application of the aelf mainnet — aelf Wallet. Users who participate will have the chance to win triple rewards. Come and try!


December 11th — 10pm December 20th (SGT)

How to download and how to use it

*For Android: If Android users want to participate in this event, they need to switch to the testnet.

*How to set it? Tap “My ➡ ️Settings➡ ️Switch Network ➡ ️Testnet”.

*For iOS: If you are not based in China, you can download it by searching for aelf Wallet in App Store.


  • Receive test tokens

Users can get the test token through the webpage in the App, or by clicking the link: https://testnet-faucet.aelf....

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