aelf will Hold Mainnet AMA with CEO & COO on Telegram

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The aelf public testnet now has all the features needed to launch the mainnet. The release of aelf Enterprise v1.0.0 RC 1 and the successful conclusion of the Code Audit Bounty Program means have further paved the way for the mainnet launch. On 3 December, we updated the mainnet launch roadmap and announced that the aelf mainnet will be launched on 10 December!

To answer your questions about the launch of the mainnet, aelf will hold an online AMA in the aelf (ELF) telegram community. During the one hour, aelf’s CEO Haobo and COO Zhuling, will answer any questions about the mainnet launch. Meanwhile, you will have the chance to win up to 30 ELF.

If you have any questions about the mainnet launch, feel free to comment with your question and your ETH wallet address) under this tweet xxxxxx. We will collect the questions in advance and answer them in the AMA session on Telegram.


December 10, 2020 19:00 (GMT +8)

Join the AMA on:

ælf (ELF) Community:

How to participate:

From now on, aelf team will collect questions from Twitter@aelfblockchain’s pinned tweet. Users can now comment with questions and wallet addresses under the pinned tweet. The pre-collected questions will be answered during the live AMA session in the aelf Telegram community [ælf (ELF) Community]. After the event, we will post the full transcript of the AMA on Twitter and Medium.


  • We will select 15 users on Twitter and Weibo to win 30 ELF, 20 ELF and 10 ELF each.
  • During the live AMA, 15 users will be selected from the Telegram community to win 30 ELF, 20 ELF and 10 ELF each.
  • Each user can only get one reward....

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