aelf’s First Book: aelf Blockchain Application Architecture Guide

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Du Xingzhou, R & D and Project Management Engineer of Blockchain Technology, Meng Fanke, senior blockchain system engineer, Hao Yukun, Senior Director of Shanghai Wanxiang Blockchain Co., Ltd. , co-authored the “aelf Blockchain Application Architecture Guide” to guide readers to build blockchain application system based on aelf technology framework. This book aims to provide guidance and help readers to take the first step to transform decentralized applications with aelf technology. The book has been published and is available on and

As an implementation of architecture design, blockchain has been applied to many sectors. However, some technical practitioners, being unfamiliar with blockchain architecture and applications, have no idea about how to get started with blockchain projects. This book starts with the basics to help readers establish a distributed perspective, develop a blockchain mindset, familiarize themselves with the characteristics of the aelf platform, before going on to build a developer environment and prototype applications. This book integrates the theories and applications of three core technologies, namely, smart contracts, cross-chain design, and performance optimization, and guides aelf application design step by step to help readers make breakthroughs in business governance with the help of aelf’s technological ecosystem.

This book:

  1. Aims to help developers get started with aelf and develop applications more easily.
  2. Systematically introduces the concepts and theories of blockchain, covering the theories and applications of various core technologies, and is suitable for blockchain technology researchers.


Zhou Shuoji

Founding partner of FBG Capital, he said:

Based on the aelf technology framework, this book introduces the composition, architecture and design methods of commercial blockchain systems, which offers useful guidance for blockchain technology practitioners. Blockchain technology is at its early stage, and I hope this book can draw more talent to the aelf ecosystem and promote the cross-industry development of blockchain ...

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