Aeron (ARN) token evolution

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As announced by, they have decided to delist and cease trading on all trading pairs for the following tokens at 2020/07/20 10:00 AM (UTC): ARN, FUEL and LUN.

Withdrawals of these tokens from Binance will continue to be supported until 2020/10/20.

Regretfully, staking initiative for Aeron (ARN) was not supported by Binance. After three years of cooperation the token will be leaving and that brings many questions from Aeron community. With aviation industry strongly impacted by COVID-19 pandemics, patience is needed to survive this crisis. Please see the following clarifications and guidance:

1) Aeron (ARN) token migrated to Binance Chain (BEP2) one year ago, in June 2019. It remains on Binance Chain for the time being. Check out ARN BEP2 compatible wallets for Binance Chain assets: You may move ARN tokens to any such wallet or to online web-based wallet at Binance DEX
2) ARN stays at Binance DEX:
3) Many other exchanges worldwide trade ARN and token liquidity remains available:
4) There is no impact to Aeron operations, availability of Aeron apps, nor to Aeron mission to make aviation safer. Business as usual has no dependency on any exchange listings and while there is a certain inconvenience for ARN token holders, there are no detrimental changes to the ARN ecosystem.
5) To the contrary, ARN staking and other initiatives will be explored further, for implementation as soon as feasible for the benefit of the entire community.

With that said, Aeron would like to congratulate with its 3rd anniversary, communicate sincere gratitude to Binance team and leadership for guidance and support throughout these years, and express hope that our mutual journey only starts here.

We will further inform Aeron community of the ongoing developments.

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