Aeron Games explained — gaming division comes into play, with ARN token as a gaming currency

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Before the end of 2019, Aeron plans several big milestones on its roadmap, with Aeron Games to be launched. To expand Aeron (ARN) token adoption and engage a larger audience, Aeron gaming division plans to release two initial applications: Happy Traveler and Voyager. Aeron Games launch will significantly expand the Aeron (ARN) token utility and would tap into the mass market, increasing the number of holders and transaction volumes by hundreds of times.

Aeron Voyager

The first application will bring together many useful tools for air travelers. It will enable a user to insure the upcoming travel against departure delay or baggage loss using cryptocurrencies. For ARN token holders, as well as for payments in ARN token, more favourable conditions will be offered.

Aeron Happy Traveler

This application will offer an opportunity to make a bet on the outcome of a certain flight. Here is how it works. Take any commercial flight, say EK007 from Dubai to London. It can either land earlier than scheduled, in time, or later than scheduled. Make a bet! In case you have guessed the outcome of an upcoming flight correctly, you win. You get the winning payout in ARN tokens and enjoy the gains. Timing of all commercial flights globally is tracked by trusted FlightRadar24 data feed and your bets can be verified independently. You may put your bet on the flight you actually take, the flight carrying your friends or relatives, or any flight at all. Enjoy the new way to entertain yourself while waiting for your connection at the airport or make bets from the comfort of your home - become a Happy Traveller.

Aeron has come into the aviation industry to stay, growing from general aviation (targeting private pilots, training organisations and aircraft owners) to a wider audience, and today we see ...

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