Aeron strategic partnership with Dahe Consensus Alliance (China)

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BEIJING, CHINA. On September 21, 2020, Aeron has reached a strategic partnership agreement with Dahe Consensus Alliance (China), a well-known and influential blockchain community alliance.

Dahe Consensus Alliance (China) will work with Aeron to relaunch the new Aviation Blockchain Project (, which builds strong and globally adopted solutions for safer aviation practices and aims to make our travel safer, and much more beyond that.

Dahe Consensus Alliance (China) is the strongest national alliance composed of many local communities with rich resources in the blockchain sector in China, which has been promoting the steady development of blockchain industry since its inception. They devote their passion in the business of blockchain project incubation, community operation, media announcement and exchange relations. Dahe Consensus Alliance is now spreading its influence through highly sticky communities, high-quality resources, and first-hand information, making all community members beneficiaries of the blockchain era.

Dahe Consensus Alliance integrates many years of blockchain experience, upstream and downstream resources of the industry, and community marketing capabilities altogether, which will help Aeron quickly open up the domestic market, deepening strategic cooperation and achieving mutual benefit and win-win results.

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Aeron is the standard of aviation safety powered by blockchain. Aeron believes that aviation safety is closely related to record integrity. Aeron is constructing a database and an online system that is decentralized, hosting global data on aircraft, flight schools and pilots. This electronic logging system would enable pilots to have flight logs that can be verified online, making aviation safer for everyone involved.

The upgraded Aeron (ARNX) token has been introduced for further development of the platform and to facilitate mainstream DeFi adoption, as an integral part of Aeron ecosystem.

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