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Growing the æpps Ecosystem (Part 2)

Last month we’ve published parts of our presentation on great use cases and decentralised applications which use the æternity blockchain network as a foundation for their platforms.

We’ve presented global æcosystem projects — Vereign AG, Assetify, Cryptic Legends, Box Aepp, CryptoTask, Jelly Swap and ReCheck in our Medium blog post as well as solutions created by our Chinese community — æChina, WeTrue, AeKnow, AEsay, AEns presented in our Chinese New Year post, and In the Spotlight with the aeLink.

Today, let’s take a look at some more great projects operating in the spheres of energy, decentralised finance, security, social media and even Space exploration, street art and Cannabis production and supply.


AMPnet is the easiest way to finance your next project & trade project shares. AMPnet is a web, iOS and Android app for running crowdinvesting and crowdlending campaigns. It runs under your own brand (your logo, your domain) and integrates easily into existing websites. All users of the AMPnet platform get access to AMPnet APX — a central portal enabling you to co-fund projects, trade project shares and exchange documents.

In order to support the creation and operation of thousands of independent tokenization platforms and enable users to effortlessly verify the integrity of the tokenized assets — AMPnet team built a platform containing the AMPnet APX Protocol and the AMPnet Tokenizer Builder. More about the platform can be found here.

In the past six months, AMPnet has had an unprecedented growth in terms of client acquisitions, platform development and, subsequently, capital raise.

These are the key updates from the last six months of AMPnet and APX:

AMPnet/APX Update: Launch on DuckSTARTER, APX TGE & Platform Going Live


SmartCredit leverages the scalability of the æternity blockchain to provide crypto-backed loans to individuals seeking finance, as well as Credit as ...

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