All ELF rewards for the aelf Mainnet Full FunctionTryout will be replaced with mainnet ELF Token…

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All ELF rewards for the aelf Mainnet Full FunctionTryout will be replaced with mainnet ELF Token with a new Referral Prize Pool!

The aelf Mainnet Full Function Tryout is in full swing, offering prizes worth up to $200,000 USD. Up to now, the TVL has exceeded 17.3 million ELF, we’d like to say thank you to our community members for your active participation.

In response to the community feedback, we have made some adjustments to the campaign rules: first, all ERC20 ELF rewards will be replaced with the mainnet ELF Token; second, a Referral Prize Pool Dividend mechanism is set.

Why replace ERC20 ELF rewards with mainnet ELF Token?

Since the launch of the campaign, we’ve received lots of feedback from our community that the mainnet ELF Token obtained through staking is not enough to satisfy the needs of all community users. Therefore, we decided to increase the mainnet ELF Token rewards and give them back to the community, while users can use these mainnet ELF tokens for a more in-depth tryout of the aelf mainnet features.

All ERC20 ELF rewards in the campaign will be replaced with mainnet ELF Token, including ELF airdrops in the Lottery Draw section, the first prize of Lucky Box (except Tesla), and the Prize Pool Dividend. The exact amount can be seen in the following table:

What is the Referral Prize Pool

Starting today, users will have a corresponding referral link after logging in to their aelf wallet on the campaign page. Users can copy and share the link in the community, thus being referrer. If the invitee participates in staking through the referral link, the referrer will be able to participate in divvying up the “Referral Prize Pool” proportionally in accordance with the TVL of the invitees.

How to divvy up the Referral Prize Pool: One ...

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