Alpha Reveal: developer feedback summary

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Alpha Reveal: developer feedback summary

A few weeks ago, we released the Alpha reveal for The Next Milestone, the very first glimpse into New Golem. Even though the release is still an ugly duckling that needs a bit of work, for us it was important to get the product in the hands of developers as soon as possible, in order to get early feedback and iterate to make it the most comfortable and easy to use platform.

As we have mentioned several times, New Golem is built under the premise "developer first", that is, delivering the best developer experience ever. So our feedback loop needs to be constant to feed the product build and adjust the platform to the needs of our target users.

New Golem (whose MVP we dubbed The Next Milestone) will have big UX improvements in comparison to Clay Golem:

  • No more port forwarding needed,
  • Gasless payments,
  • Lower transaction fees,

... just to name a few.

If you want to learn more about the new architecture and the new platform head over to the blogposts.

Part I

Part II

Learning about our users is key to our product building approach

We needed to know how people interact with Golem, therefore we chose to prepare a series of Gitcoin incentive programs for developers. The first program has just ended, and it has already helped us gather valuable data and feedback - we look forward to the upcoming bounties!

For starters, we gave users a simple task: install Golem and try out our quick tutorial which will guide them in the computation of a task on our Devnet. Then, users needed to record their interaction and fill out a survey that would help us understand the hurdles they might have encountered.

We set simple tasks, that did not require much effort from the users, however, ...

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