AMA February 2021 Summary

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AMA February 2021 Summary

Welcome to the Summary of our Winter AMA! It was an incredibly participated AMA with plenty of tough, interesting and challenging questions on several topics, which for us is a sign that our community is more vibrant and engaged than ever!

This summary will try to touch every major point, although you can always read the full answers on Reddit!

High level overview

On a very high level, at the moment we have three core areas of focus:

-MVP: validating, shipping and improving the MVP, as well as developing ways to overcome high gas price barriers

-Our community: improving our reach and increasing the number of projects built on top of Golem

-GLM: making sure that GLM is easily accessible on a wide variety of platforms for developers and providers

Future Developments

Several questions asked us about what the future holds for Golem, technical roadmaps and strategies.

To begin, as you know we have just released Alpha 4, which is a release candidate to be tested in production, and right now our priority is releasing Beta. In terms of future developments, a few priorities are worth mentioning. First of all, we will work on a browser-based implementation that will allow the requestor agents - and later even the whole yagna node - to be run within a web browser. This, it goes without saying, means that we can significantly expand out users-base. Moreover, taking into account our plans and user expectations, we will deliver: a VPN (virtual networks  among requestors and providers so that data can be exchanges without proxies) as it will open us up to many use cases; SGX techniques for privacy & trust will be coming soon; we will also enable direct peer-to-peer networking utilizing libp2p instead of the current central network hub - this will ...

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