AMA July 2021 Summary

AMA July 2021 Summary

Welcome to the summary of the Reddit AMA for July 2021 - it was an incredibly participated AMA, and for the first time we also had follow-up questions, which led to interesting conversations and exchanges of ideas. The questions revolved around 4 main topics: community growth, team organization, and last but not least, technical questions and suggestions!

Ecosystem and community growth

Let’s start with Community building - as you know, we are working towards growing the ecosystem of apps developed on Golem. Since December, an ecosystem of independent developers has been growing around the Golem platform and we couldn’t be more excited about it!

In order to further grow the ecosystem, within the GLM Rewards Program, we launched the Application Creation and Maintenance category, to replace the old Content Creator Category. Moreover, two apps first developed during the first Golem Online Hackathon, Golem SLATE and ChessOnGolem, grew to the point they have further, more intricate, compensation for development (here’s the SLATE bounty on Gitcoin) than normal CIP incentives.

We are also testing in-house a few new use-cases that will facilitate the adoption of Golem from requesters and providers alike. Similarly, we’re exploring other venues that will hopefully bring more interesting use-cases to Golem, stay tuned to know more!

If you are interested in getting started with Golem, we have two live-coding workshops ready: the H3LLO Decentralization workshop and the more recent 0xHack workshop. They both focus on the code and go into slightly different examples to explain what's going on to get an idea on how to go further as a developer. But that’s not all, as we just published another coding workshop video focusing on the latest major release and services.


You asked some very interesting questions regarding the status of the technology, and this is the ...

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