AMA October 2020 Summary

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AMA October 2020 Summary

Last week we hosted our October AMA and here you can find a summary of what we discussed. We’ve split the summary into the most popular topics of the day: migration, product development, GTM, governance, strategy, etc etc. So let’s dive right in.

Migration and future roadmap

As we announced, we’ll migrate GNT to an ERC-20 token: Layer 2 is coming in December alongside the Alpha III which will feature azkSync payment driver by default. Our idea is, if everything goes smoothly with the migration, to eventually enable mainnet for providers first to test in the format of an incentivized testnet, however this is yet not set in stone.

Since the migration is the key that unlocks New Golem, we have a few items on the agenda for future developments, including (in no particular order): Mainnet readiness, Secure Execution Environments, Rust API, a fully decentralised networking module, more payments drivers, execution environments with support for node communication, a web browser support for developers etc.

A lot of our effort goes into building the best experience for developers to let them easily build trustless multi-agent applications. In order to know whether we’re in the right path or if we need to adjust the product, we have been conducting several interviews with developers about what they need, and what they use Golem for. This is why our Gitcoin bounty applicants and other devs building atop of Golem are so important and the requestor onboarding, their building and the feedback process are incentivized.

In fact, looking ahead the New Golem might not only include computational capacity, but it will be a more comprehensive platformthat includes features like secure computation, i.e. Graphene/SGX execution environments (that might come handy for secret voting, date matching etc), network bandwidth in solutions like decentralized VPN, network monitors, ...

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