AMA with AdEx’s CEO | Part 1 — The AdEx Platform

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AMA with AdEx’s CEO | Part 1 — The AdEx Platform

Our CEO Ivo Georgiev participated in an AMA on Chainnode. Here are the highlights.

In November our CEO Ivo Georgiev was invited by Chainnode, a respeced cryptocurrency media, to participate in an AMA session with their Chinese community. People were very excited and Mr. Georgiev got tons of questions — in fact, they were so good that we decided to share some of them with you on our blog. Over the whole session Ivo received more than 50 questions — we selected the most interesting ones and grouped them into three topics — The AdEx advertising platform, The AdEx Staking and Farming Portal and the Ethereum ecosystem.

See the original AMA page on Chainnode’s website

In the first blog post we are sharing with you the most interesting questions regarding the development of the AdEx Platform.

The AdEx project has been developed for a long time. How is the progress so far? What is the source of funds to maintain the development and operation of the project?

👨🏻‍💻 The progress can be tracked on our website and our blog, but most importantly — everyone can register on our advertising platform and see how it works. The platform has been released for almost a year now and we already have more than 300 active publishers and advertisers generating more than 1 Million impressions daily. The source of funding is a crowdsale of ADX tokens in 2017.

Can you introduce the background of theAdEx project parties? For example, where is the project base on (country or region), when did it established, what’s team size, core members and their past experience?

👨🏻‍💻 You may read our whole story on our website. On our blog we keep all articles and development updates since day one. Otherwise we are a distributed team with ...

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