Amazing! Justin Commits 5 Billion SUN to Reward Miners and veCRV Holders. Come and Join now!

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To fulfil the requirements of the upgraded SUN project and its infrastructure, and build a one-stop platform that integrates stablecoin swap, token mining and self-governance, is launching Genesis Mining and Governance Mining on June 2, 2021, extending the benefits of a fast-growing TRON to wider audience.

To drive the growth of the ecosystem, Justin has decided to commit 5 billion SUN, an unprecedented amount of reward, to participants of Genesis Mining and Governance Mining, and veCRV holders through airdrops over a course of five years. For the first time in the crypto sphere, Justin delivers a truly zero-loss stablecoin mining scheme featuring USDJ, TUSD and USDT issued directly by their respective projects on TRON, instead of through cross-chain or mapped issuance, protecting users from associated risks and losses incurred from mapped issuance or fund transfers between chains.

It’s worth noting that is distributing nearly 30% of the total rewards earmarked for the 5-year mining scheme through Genesis Mining and Governance Mining in the first three months, all to maximize the incentives to the early adopters of the SUN project. Such scale is a strong manifestation of the SUN team’s effort to extend benefits to the wider public and TRON’s commitment to go all-in on expanding its stablecoin DeFi ecosystem.

In an effort to build into a secure, user-friendly integrated platform featuring easy stablecoin swap, token mining and governance platform, has decided to gather momentum from both platform growth and ecosystem governance while leveraging its strengths in stablecoin. Therefore, is offering Genesis Mining and Governance Mining. By then, users will not only be able to enjoy efficient, secure and cheaper stablecoin trading services with lower slippery percentage and impermanent loss, but will also be able to earn rewards through participating ...

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