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The Ambrosus Team is pleased to announce a new partnership with Avada-Media! Originally Ambrosus came into touch with Avada-Media through the integration of the Ambrosus Network to the QSS Global’s CRM/ERP System. As a partner company to QSS global, Avada-Media was interested in using AMB-NET in line with their set of Web and Mobile solutions. Here is where the full scope of the partnership currently stands.

Avada-Media will be adding AMB-NET and its blockchain based ecosystem as an integration to the different mobile and web applications it offers to different corporate CRM/ERP Solutions. In context, several niches on the market in the list of Avada-Media partners are interested in Blockchain integration for the purpose of reducing costs for services that are being delivered. For the most part these are trading companies, engineering companies, marine companies and marketplaces. For all of such companies, proof of providence and proof of bills, transactions are the center point of their interest in blockchain technology.

In terms of usability, AMB-NET will be leveraged by users of Avada-Media in relation to mostly export operations from China as a significant number of overseas logistics representatives have been compelled to leave the country. As a precursor to this move, the prevailing opinion on the supply chain market is that the situation will be changed further towards process automation and avoiding bureaucracy on China’s market. The result is a move toward decentralized, permissionless, and open blockchain platforms.

Head of Business Development at Ambrosus, Sergii Grygoriev, and CEO of Avada-Media, Sergey Meleshkevych

CEO of Avada-Media, Sergey Meleshkevych said the following:

Right now decentralized platforms like AMB-NET are exactly the competitive advantage that digital integration companies like Avada-Media are looking for. With blockchain integrated with our platform, we stand to offer more secure, and robust solutions to all of our ...

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