Announcement on Completion of GMN Airdrop 01

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Dear global Waltonchain supporters,

Addresses of the Waltonchain ecosystem holding not less than 5,000 WTC since December 10, 2017 are GMN (Guardian Master Node) addresses. Waltonchain fully operational mainnet has been in stable operation after the security audit for one year and after the start of SMN & GMN Token Swap on May 10, 2020, 38% of all GMN users have joined it. According to Waltonchain Progressive Mining Reward Program, Walton Chain Foundation started the GMN Reward Program and has already completed the Airdrop 01.

GMN reward pool accounts for 4 million WTC among the pre-mined 30 million. Waltonchain team performed a snapshot of mainnet GMN addresses at 18:00 PM on September 8, 2020 (UTC+8). At Airdrop 01, 352 GMN addresses received 100 mainnet WTC. GMN holders who haven’t joined the token swap will receive rewards from the missed airdrops at the nearest airdrop after they join the token swap.

How to access mainnet WTC:
GMN users who joined the token swap can view the airdrop on Waltonchain Blockchain Explorer and operate the coins in wallets supporting Waltonchain mainnet.

Waltonchain Blockchain Explorer:

Waltonchain wallets supporting mainnet WTC coins:

Mobile: Waltonchain Wallet for Android (versions 8.0 and above) / iOS, supports import by [private key] or 12-word [mnemonic seed]:

Desktop: WTCwallet, supports import by [private key] or [keystore]:



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