Announcing NFT Awards for Bancor Traders with Chainlink VRF!

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We’re thrilled to announce the launch of a new trader rewards program that awards Bancor traders with limited edition NFTs throughout the month of May.

Once a week—for the next several weeks—one limited edition NFT trophy will be randomly awarded to a trader in each of the following 5 categories:

The Trophies

  1. HIGH VOLUME BANCOR BULL— One random winner selected out of the top 20 highest volume trades on

2. BANCORIAN BNT TRADER — One random winner selected out of the top 20 BNT trades on

3. VORTEX MAXIMALIST —One random winner selected out of the top 20 vBNT trades on

4. LINK MARINE — One random winner selected out of the top 20 LINK trades on

5. LUCKY GOLDEN BANCIE — One random winner selected out of all trades on

Chainlink VRF Integration

In order to insure a provably fair source of randomness for distributing the NFT awards, a script utilizing Chainlink VRF will process all weekly trades on and randomly select one winning wallet address from each of the trader categories.

Once winners have been selected, the NFT trophies will then be transferred directly from the official Bancor Opensea account to the winning trader wallets.


  • The contest kicks off Wednesday, May 5 at 12PM UTC.
  • ...

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